I am registered with several translations agencies, both in the Netherlands and abroad, including the agency that exploits the software program I use for my work.

Next to them, I also have "direct clients". These are clients or companies that have approached me directly. That's easy to do since I'm an entepreneur. If an assignment is large or the topic is specific, I can ask my colleagues to help me out.

References and samples can be provided upon request.


Below you can read the testimonials from clients I have worked with.

One of the first translation agencies I have worked with, was Textcase:

"Joris is a reliable translator and it's a pleasure to work with him. He is always on time and the quality of his work is good. Joris is willing to listen to feedback and to collaborate on realizing the best translation possible. Communication with him is clear and quick and he is flexible when it comes to deadlines. Therefore, I regularly ask him for new assignments!"

Rachel Vermeulen, Project Manager at Textcase


For a period of one year I have translated articles, e-books, blog posts and other SEO-related content for Boostability:

"Joris has been amazing to work with! He not only does an amazing job with translation from English to Dutch, he goes above and beyond to ensure that our design and formatting is correct. He edits the work done by the rest of the team. He points out things that don't make sense (like linking to an English link from a Dutch document). And he's put in the extra work to not only find native-language screenshots for some of our guides, but to also find those screenshots for our other translators to use in Spanish, German, and French documents as well. He really is the best to work with. I highly recommend him!"

Cassandra Bevan, Director of Marketing Boostability


Jeroen approached me to help with writing and structuring his subsidy applications:

"Joris has helped us write a (successful) subsidy application. By giving feedback and skilfully editing our story he has managed to present its essence in a clear and persuasive manner. It was a more than enjoyable collaboration which we hope to continue in the future!"

Jeroen Storm, Digital products for education